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"What's In Your Cemetery?"   There are many other ways to get the information you desire from cemeteries without necessarily walking your socks off!  Or, to make your trek more productive, things to do before you go.

 "Yours, Mine and Ours" The idea is exploring how people USED to "do genealogy" in the old days. With self-address-stamped-envelopes, etc. Then input from the attendees. Then how we the people NOW "do genealogy; with their own records: ancestry, Lecacy, MAC, etc. Then input from the attendees. Then we look into the ways people are sharing and combining their efforts. Then input from the attendees. Wrap-up will be a look into the future: automatic processing, face recognition, semantic searches, etc.

"Secret Census" Everyone talks about and uses the Federal Census; the ones that are enumerated every ten years. But! There are other census out there! Learn how you can discover more about your ancestors by searching these lesser-known census schedules.

"Through Their Eyes" After using all the tried-and-true research strategies there are still some individuals that just can not be found! As far as researching individuals, we keep narrowing our field of vision until we have little hope of "seeing" anything new. But, if we stop and think about it and no longer try to use our own eyes, but turn around and use the eyes of the person we are investigating; we may "see" the solution. What did your mystery person see?

 "Backing Through the Brick Wall" Discusses researching descendants of someone. Usually we do not do that! But sometimes there is a good reason for going the opposite way! Maybe, finding some other descendant who may have that vital piece of information that can provide the clue or source that breaks through that brick wall!

"Naming Children in Colonial New England" is a summary of the ideas found in the many articles and books which have been written on the subject of naming patterns, hortatory names, family names, religious / biblical names, etc in the New England colonies.

"Puritans or Pilgrims - what is the difference" When doing research on the earliest immigrants to Colonial New England, knowing whether your people were Pilgrims or Puritans may make the difference in finding the information you want.

"Beginning Genealogist" introduces those just getting interested in researching their family information to the basic process of keeping track of their information and where to search for more.

"U.S. Census What's In It For ME" introduces the important "science" of making use of the different census available, including pitfalls. Examines the differences among the various census formats

"Sources to Search" covers searching practices for cemeteries, land records and military records.

"Record Keeping Methods" explores the popular methods for keeping order from becoming chaos as our research produces lots of paper to treasurer and store.

"Dollars & Sense for my Genealogy Business" Guidance for those thinking about moving toward being a professional genealogist.