ANTHONY & SUSANNAH COLBY are the ancestors of the majority of the people in the Untied States with the last name of "COLBY" - as well as most of the people who have COLBY among their ancestors.

Anthony & Susannah Colby are among the most popular entries on Rootsweb / Ancestry! Much of the information there has little relationship to reality, though. From the Colby Family Association website ( ) you can view their verified descendants.

Some people are still clinging to the disproved claim that Anthony was the youngest son of a minor member of the royal family. And! that his line traced back to three brothers who were with Richard the Lion-Heart on crusades. Neither is true. It sure would have been fun, though!

While you wait for the Great Family Reunion to come; how about joining the Colby Family Association and attending the reunion next August? Information on the date and location is on the Colby Family Association website ( ) as soon as it is available

As the president of the association I would love to meet you!

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